Decoration, Harness & Albums

An ever-expanding vault of film, audio and photo content including measured templates for Scotch harness-making and decorating and step-by-step instructions on how to ‘diamond row’ plait, make pom-poms and tie and decorate tails.

Clydesdale Horse Society of Scotland Stud Book Vol.1

Read the amazing Introduction and Prospectus from Vol. 1 of the Clydesdale Horse Society of Scotland Stud Book 1883.

Harness Decorating and Diamond Rowing with Simon Alston

Simon Alston, the last of Scotland’s original Clydesdale horsemen, demonstrates how to create the traditional ‘diamond row’ 4-way wool plait used to decorate the manes and tails of Clydesdale horses. This form of plaiting is also used in the creation of Scotch harness decorations traditionally made by ploughman during long winter evenings.

Harness Decoration Measurements

Measurements for each harness decoration courtesy of Simon Alston

Working Horses Day : 2016 Programme

The British Horse Society Scotland holds a Working Horses Day every year. This is the programme for the 2016 event held at Meadowells farm in Collessie – home of the Black family's famous Collessie Clydesdales.

BHS Working Horses 2015

With the treble themes of horse power, agricultural heritage and education, the fourth BHS Scotland working horse day took place in blazing Perthshire sunshine in early October with eighteen different rigs and over 200 members of the public attending.

Anne Elliot, De-Mainholm, Newcastleton

Anne Elliot, originally from De-Mainholm farm in Newcastleton, shares photos of her family, and her father, Jock, with their Clydesdales.

Dick Dargie Durie Clydesdales

Dick Dargie from Durie Clydesdales in Errol, Perthshire shares photos of his life with Clydesdales.

Malcolm McFadyen & Whinhill Clydesdales

Malcolm McFadyen from Whinhill Clydesdales in Kintyre shares photos of his life working with and showing Clydesdales.

Margaret Marr Photo Album

Margaret Marr, originally from Whitfield farm in Dundee, shares family photos of her father with his Clydesdales.

Simon Alston Photo Album

Simon Alston, the last of Scotland’s original Clydesdale horse decorators and the inspiration and knowledge behind this project, shares his photo album.

An Interview with Bob Powell

Bob is an historian and ex-Curator and Principal Museum Officer at the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore. He is a world expert in the history of Working Horses & Farming and a regular contributor to Heavy Horse World magazine.

An Interview with Neil McPhail

In this interview Clydesdale horseman Neil McPhail from Glenbarr in Kintyre talks about his horses, Tommy and Poacher, and shares his experiences of working with them including ploughing and in the show ring.

The Good Servant

Archive tribute to the Clydesdale Horse filmed in 1957-58 by Campbell Harper Films, Edinburgh. The film includes Clydesdale Horses doing farm and forestry work and includes footage of in-hand and decorated harness classes at the Royal Highland Show.

The Shows of 1928, The Royal, Doune and Highland

Archive film of The Royal, Doune and Highland shows including Clydesdale Horse in-hand and harness classes.

Lochgelly Pageant

Archive film including Clydesdales in decorated Scotch harness and some turnouts.

The Farmer in the Fields

Archive film of typical farm work including Clydesdale Horses ploughing, harrowing and rolling fields.

Doune Show Followed by The Highland at Alloa

Archive film showing Clydesdale Horses competing in decorated harness, in-hand and turnout show classes.

Doune and Argaty thro’ the Year

Lovely slow-motion archive film showing three pairs of Clydesdales returning to their stables at the end of their work shift.

Cottage and Farm

Archive film including a Clydesdale being shod.

Bowser Family

Archive film including Clydesdale Horses wearing decorated harness in show classes.

Border Union Kelso

Archive film of the Border Union show in Kelso including a glimpse of Clydesdale Horses wearing decorated show harness.

An interview with Malcolm McFadyen

Malcolm talks about the Clydesdale Horses used by his family business in Campbeltown, Argyll and his life working with the horses including their daily routine.

Harness Decorations with Dick Dargie

Lifelong Clydesdale horse enthusiast, Dick Dargie, talks about some of the woollen and floral ‘decks’ or ‘bridge' decorations in his collection.

An Interview with Jennifer Roy

Jennifer Roy, 'The Springfield Saddler’, is a Master Saddler and Harness-maker and the only maker of Scotch harness in Scotland.